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Elizabeth Banks' Mashup of the Home Buying Process -

“The Home-Buying Process in Plain English with Elizabeth Banks” approached the daunting task of first-time home buying with wit and candor with the help of Elizabeth Banks in the online web series "The Home-Buying Process in Plain English with Elizabeth Banks". The five-part web series quite literally explains the home-buying process... in plain English... with Elizabeth Banks, humorously and realistically, describing mortgage lending, inspections and closing the sale in a way that is somehow worth viewing again and again.

Acting as supporting content to the national TV campaign, "Real estate in real time", the short films outperformed industry benchmarks by over 120%. The webisodes alone have been viewed over 3MM since its July 2015 launch and quite easily stand the test of time with the actor's white hot career and the ads appeal to the vast millennial generation as it enters the home-buying market for the first time. [Fun Fact: ads were directed by Wonder Years Fred Savage who is enjoying a resurgence in Fox comedy 'Grinder'].

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