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Florida Hospital will have a new name in 2019

By Kelsey Sunderland  – Digital Producer, Tampa Bay Business Journal

Aug 15, 2018, 6:56am EDT Updated Aug 16, 2018, 8:25am

Adventist Health System, parent company of nearly 50 hospitals across the state, announced that beginning in January 2019, Florida Hospital and all other entities within the Adventist Health System will become AdventHealth.

In a statement released Tuesday, a Florida Hospital spokesperson said the name change comes in an effort to become one consumer-centric, connected and identifiable national system.

All of Adventist Health System’s wholly owned hospitals and care sites across will adopt the AdventHealth logo and name starting Jan. 2, 2019.

The organization said it is not changing in ownership or business structure. 

“We are transforming to be a more consumer-focused health care system to better meet the needs of those we care for and the communities we serve,” said Terry Shaw, president and CEO for Adventist Health System. “Becoming AdventHealth allows us to be a fully integrated and distinguishable health system across all aspects of the care continuum, while also speaking to our Christian healing ministry, message of wholeness and our rich Seventh-day Adventist roots.” 

The rebranding comes after eight months of reworking service practices and culture to reflect the consumer-based approach, which hospital authorities believe will elevate all hospitals within the system.

“We want our hospitals and care sites to be places where people can experience hope as well as healing, and the AdventHealth name so appropriately expresses that sense of expectation and optimism while also connecting with our promise of wholeness and our rich faith-based heritage,” said Adventist Health System board Chairman Gary Thurber.

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