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New 35-story luxury condo building will be Tampa Bay's third-tallest building


The third tallest building in the Tampa Bay Area is slated for construction beginning in early 2019. At just under 382 feet tall, the 35-story condominium built by Tampa-based development firm Mercury Advisors would become a prominent feature in Tampa’s Downtown-Channelside District and bring luxury living to the burgeoning neighborhood. 

Called Elevé -- and pronounced as though you’ve lopped off the last syllable in "elevator" -- the building will offer just two units on each floor with prices ranging from $900,000 to $1.8 million, according to Ken Stoltenberg, a partner at Mercury Advisors. Each unit will have three bedrooms and three bathrooms in approximately 2,500 square feet. Units will face West giving residents a few of the water and city. Orlando-based architectural firm Scott and Cormia designed the building.

“It’s a ground-up condominium construction,” says Stoltenberg. “It's conceived, designed, and built for luxury urban-living.”

Elevé will join a handful of other developments aiming to revitalize the Channel District. Billions of dollars are being invested into the district, which over the years has struggled to attract crowds and maintain businesses. 

For its part, Mercury Advisors has been in the district for more than 15 years. The firm is behind the Grand Central at Kennedy condominiums and Channel Club, an apartment building currently under construction.

Channelside is “going to be Tampa's first truly walkable downtown neighborhood,” says Stoltenberg. “We've been sold on the area before a lot of other people decided to get their feet wet.” 

But Stoltenberg welcomes neighbors and hopes continued investment -- including the recent reimagining of Channelside Bay Plaza as mixed-use Sparkman Wharf -- will bring new life to the district.

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